Bucking Sheep Ride for hire from rodeobulls.co.uk.

Bucking Sheep Ride For Hire

Our fantastic Bucking Sheep ride is a humorous alternative to a Rodeo Bull and always has everyone chuckling as soon as they see it.

The Bucking Sheep uses the same motion unit and control panel as the Rodeo Bull so the speed of ride can be controlled from 'Subdued Sheep' to 'Rampant Ram' level! Again the duration of the ride is automatically timed and shown on the large display panel. The free inflatable weather shelter is provided for all outdoor bookings and a trophy is provided for the longest ride of the event.

The Bucking Sheep can be hired on its own or you can hire the Sheep attachment along with the Rodeo Bull and the two bodies can be swapped around during the event so you have the best of both rides.

To obtain a competitive quote for the hire of a Bucking Sheep Ride and the other Wild West theme games, or if you have any queries concerning hire, then please don't hesitate to call or contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Bucking Sheep Ride For Hire